New Customers

For first time customers…fill out a health evaluation form, bring it into our Nutrition Club and receive a FREE healthy meal! Health Evaluation Form

Nutrition Club

The club is a social meeting place where we invite all people to come and enjoy a healthy meal. It is a fun and inviting atmosphere where you can feel comfortable asking and talking about nutritional information. We offer many different services for our members which are listed below:

  • Wellness Evaluations:

    Our scientific scale will inform us on your basil metabolic rate/daily caloric intake, metabolic age, bone mass, body water percent, visceral fat, body fat, and lean body mass. With this information we help you make a plan that works for you and your body to reach your nutritional goals.

  • Shake Parties:

    Enjoy being healthier and happier with family and firends. You can utilize our location, or we will come to your home to talk about looking younger, increasing your energy, losing weight, sports nutrition and being healthier and happier through good nutrition. When we feel better, we do better in everything.

  • Business In-services:

    Awesome opportunity for us to come to you! We will make your employees a free healthy meal at your place of business and inform your employees on the health benefits of great nutrition. We will also allow your employees to schedule a free Wellness Evaluation in our Nutrition Club!

  • Business of the day:

    Great opportunity for your employees to learn about good nutrition and receive a free meal. Good nutrition will keep your employees feeling great by increasing their energy and being healthier and happier. Each employee will also have the opportunity to receive a free Wellness Evaluation when they stop in!